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When Love becomes routine,
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If you enjoy subjects involving self-improvement, love in the routine and family life, in this group you will stay on top of my news, videos and schedules.

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Our virtual circle of women who, just like you, want to have a more harmonious day-to-day and actively contribute to making the world a better place for everyone. In this group I share with you what I've been experiencing lately: meditations, books, stories, programs, episodes of the Podcast When love becomes routine and whatever else comes along the way to nourish our life. This is a space for conversation, exchanges, reciprocity.

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Podcast When love becomes routine

Light, cheerful, deep content that helps women who have become mothers to be inspired and make their dreams come true, taking the family along. It's for those who are looking for their own achievements not DESPITE being a mother, but BEING a mother, wife, professional and whatever else she wants! (English season under production)

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Hi, my name is Geisa.

I'm also Maria.

I'm Barra, but I was also Silva.

Today I am Cordeiro.

Many call me Gei, others call me .

The best ones call me Mom.


I am many in me. I was born multiple.

Multiple interests. Multiple talents. Multiple experiences.


I am a natural communicator.

Communication, for me, is connection. Establish connections and build meaningful relationships it's my way of life.


I believe in Love. 

I believe that love is the most natural and powerful source of creation, magic and healing in this world.


Over the years, that nature has led me to different places, experiences and roles I've worked in. Each one of them enriched the person – and the professional – that I am today.


But the society we live in is still learning about multi people. Between my 20s and 30s, I was led to forget this multiplicity. Adapt to many uniformities, linearities, conformities. And I got lost. I lost myself. Of my multiple and one essence, of which I am image and likeness.


When my mother version began to form inside me, I found myself. But it took me a while to recognize myself. Until one day the word that defined my essence appeared before me. It was so simple and rich at the same time. It is so intrinsically linked to everything I've lived and become, that today it's this same word that guides me in everything I am and do. Everything I create and develop.


This word is Harmony.

Harmony in music.

Harmony of colours.

Harmony of styles.

Harmony in environments.

Harmony in relationships.

Harmony of Creation.


Today, to honor this harmonious way in which I am made, I help and serve other women, guiding and accompanying them on this path of personal improvement.. Of (re)discovering their innate harmonies and bringing them into their lives, in everything they are and do.


Rediscover oneself to re-signify, and thus, start over.

New, potent, creative, confident, harmonious.

Let's go together?

How can I help you?

The secret to success in any area of your life is hidden in your daily routine.
What you've been experiencing today is directly related to your daily choices and attitudes of yesterday.
What if I told you that small changes in perspective, habits and routines can transform your life? And the best, using the ingredients that have been inside you since you were born?


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Transformed Women

Nicole MelhadoJournalist
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I left journalism and went to the executive area, but I wanted to go back to writing, I didn't want to lose the essence of journalism. It was after watching a video by Geisa that I plucked up courage and wrote to the editor of a magazine asking to write for them. In January my first article was published! I like that Geisa shows a very practical path. Another thing that helped me was the organization of the routine. Especially with my baby, when she said that routine is not necessarily about an exact time to do things, but a flow. It's working out great!
Márcia DantasAccounting Businesswoman
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They are small steps, but they had never attacked me. Geisa's morning routine has made sense to me. I wake up earlier, pray, listen to good music, manage to read something about personal development or a positive book. I already want to sit down with my husband so we can think together about how to take better care of ourselves!


Have you come this far with any questions? Do you want to talk to me or book a session?

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Barra Cordeiro Personal Improvement

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